Wera 05051041001 Kraftform Kompakt 60 RA, Imperial, 17 Pieces

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Wera 05051041001 Kraftform Kompakt 60 RA, Imperial
17-piece set with bits in a length of 89 mm in a practical pouch. 1 holder 816 RA Kraftform with ratchet function: fine-toothing for a small return angle, switchover ring (right, fixed, left), maximum torque of up to 50 Newton metres. 1/4" hexagon socket head take-up and Rapidaptor technology for low-fatigue working and rapid bit change; magnetic. Can also be used directly with a power tool.

Pouch with 89 mm bits 17-piece set 1 hand-held bit holder 816 RA Kraftform with ratchet function, fine-tooth design for minimal return angle, switchover ring (right, locked, left), maximum torque of up to 50 Newton metres, 1/4" hexagon chuck with Rapidaptor technology i.e. rapid-in, rapid-out, rapid-spin, chuck-all and single-hand function for rapid bit change, magnetic and 16 bits of 89 mm in length suitable for holders as per DIN ISO 1173-F 6.3 or for direct insertion in a power tool

  • Suitable for manual and power tool operations
  • Smooth hard zones for high speed turning, soft grip zones for high torque transfer
  • Ratchet function
  • Fine-pitched teeth for small return angle; switchover ring (right, fixed, left)
  • Maximum torque of up to 50 Newton metres
1x Kraftform Kompakt 60 RA, imperial, 17 pieces; 1x 816 RA Ratchet screwdriver, 1/4" x 142 mm; 3x 851/4 Z bits: PH 1x89, PH 2x89, PH 3x89; 5x 867/4 Z TORX BO bits with bore hole: TX 10x89, TX 15x89, TX 20x89, TX 25x89, TX 30x89; 1x 800/4 Z bits, 1 x 5.5 x 89 mm; 4x 840/4 Z bits: 3/32x89, 1/8x89, 5/32"x89, 3/16"x89; 3x 868/4 Square-Plus bits: # 1x89, # 2x89, # 3x89
  • Weight: 1.20 LBS
  • Weight: 1.20 LBS

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