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TSO Products 61-390A TPG Adapter (Slide-On) For TPG Parallel Guide System

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TSO Products 61-390A TPG Adapter (Slide-On) for TPG Parallel Guide System
The Slide-on TPG Guide Rail Adapter is an economical and reliable means to connect TPG System T-tracks to your Festool, Kreg, Powertec, Makita or Triton guide rail. Compatible with all TPG T-tracks (both right- and left-hand), the Slide-on TPG Adapter connects using the M6 Comfort Grip Star Knobs and CNC-Machined Centering Spacers included with each TPG-30 and TPG-30/50 Set. It will not interfere with track saw plunge cuts, and can be easily moved along the guide rail or removed by loosening the M5 flathead screws with a 3mm Ball Hex Driver (included in the TPG-30 and TPG-30/50 Sets). The Slide-on TPG Adapter secures to your guide rail using the same innovative keystone alignment feature and torpedo nut found on our GRC-12 Guide Rail Connectors, ensuring rock-solid attachment that's easy to install and remove.

The TPG System can utilize this Slide-on TPG Adapter and/or a GRS-16 Guide Rail Square for connecting T-tracks to guide rails. While the GRS-16 is more expensive, you may want to consider at least one GRS-16 in your TPG kit because it enables the patent-pending ability to square and parallel in a single cut, using just one T-track-whereas the Slide-on TPG Adapter will only ensure your cuts are parallel.

As noted above, the Slide-on TPG Adapter utilizes M5 flathead screws for rigid attachment to your guide rail. If a tool-free attachment here is preferred, as some customers have told us, we've made available a set of optional M5 Star Grip Knobs which can be used in most situations.
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  • Weight: 1.00 LBS
  • Availability: This item has been discontinued
  • Weight: 1.00 LBS

TSO Products 61-390A TPG Adapter (Slide-On) For TPG Parallel Guide System