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Oneida XXVS300035 V-System 3000 SMART BOOST 3HP 230V 35 Gal. HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector

Part Number: OASXXVS300035


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Automated Airflow Control for Smaller Shops and CNC Systems
Choosing the best dust collector for your shop can be difficult, especially when you start combining mixed/undersized dust port and long runs of ducting or hoses. Oneida Air Systems' patented SMART Boost technology offers the only solution that can adapt to nearly any shop layout!

Where traditional dust collectors are fixed in speed and performance unable to adapt to different port sizes, duct runs, and requiring careful blast gate management our new V-System's SMART Boost variable-speed technology automatically adjusts to deliver up to 2-3 times more airflow to your tools.

With its compact shape and sound dampening features, the V-System is perfect for garage and basement shops where size and noise play a significant factor. This new system will help you maximize your investment and ensure that your shop is running at peak-efficiency for years to come.

Continuously High Airflow Performance
Our patented SMART Boost technology directly measures resistance placed on the fan motor and automatically increases the fan's speed to compensate when suction is low, ensuring that the motor always works at peak performance levels! This can double your airflow through smaller or mixed ports - perfect for CNC machines!

  • High-efficiency, U.S. made fan blower motor
  • Industrial-grade brushless motor designed for continuous duty
  • Delivers ample airflow for collecting from up to 2 machines at once.
  • Low pitch noise level provides ideal operator comfort
  • Includes RF remote control that works through walls and up to 100 feet away.
  • System's inlet and outlet rotate independently at 45 degree increments to suit your shop's needs.
Streamlined Integrated Cyclone Separator
The V-System features an ultra-high efficiency cyclone which pre-separates up to 99% of fine dust and bulk debris, removing it from the airstream and collecting it safely below the cyclone.

  • Virtually eliminates filter clogging and suction loss to provide continuous suction performance.
  • Significantly extends the lifespan of the filter and reduces downtime needed for cleaning.
  • 6" dia. neutral-vane inlet for use with common 6" ductwork layouts.
  • Patented "V-Shape" cyclone design minimizes the system's overall height while maintaining airflow and separation efficiency.
  • Industrial 18 gauge steel construction with full-welded, airtight seams.
  • Oneida Air Systems' trademark gold, rust preventative, powder coat finish.
High Quality & Serviceable Filtration
The V-System uses HEPA-grade media cartridge filters that are specifically designed for dust collection applications - providing unbeatable airflow and filtration performance. Read more about The Advantages of Oneida Air Systems' HEPA-Grade Media Filters

  • We fully stand by the quality and performance of our filters; each filter is sent to an accredited independent testing lab. Contact us for more information and documentation.
  • Internal silencer reduces overall noise output of the system by up to 3 dBA.
  • Patented Flame Guard safety mesh rapidly dissipate any heat generated by a deflagration within your filter, helping to comply with future planned NFPA fire safety codes.
  • Wide-spaced filter pleating coated with non-stick PTFE membrane to facilitate east cleaning.
  • Fine dust pan captures residual dust that falls off the inside of the filter. Can be removed easily for cleaning after reverse blowing compressed air into the pleats.
Compact, Configurable Design
This unit is equipped with a Freestanding Leg Kit and has been built specifically to fit underneath standard 8 foot ceilings; perfect for garage or basement shops!

  • Supports numerous rotations of the cyclone body to best position the inlet to your ducting.
  • Highly compact 33" square footprint (49" maximum width depending on filter plenum orientation).
  • Built from heavy-gauge, powder coated steel for long lasting durability.
  • Delivered flat packed for convenience with quick and easy assembly.
Convenient Pull-Out Dust Bin
Our dust collection bins are made simple for a reason: convenience. With no assembly required, these robust, steel drums are quick and easy to use when disposing of dust and debris. The dust collector comes with your choice of 35 or 55 gallon drum - choose the size that best fits your workflow but bear in mind the weight of a full drum when emptying! Drum dollies and bag holding sleeves are also available to make emptying the drum cleaner and more efficient.
  • Blower Motor Assembly
  • Magnetic Starter
  • SMART Boost Controller
  • Fan Housing
  • Filter Plenum
  • Internal Silencer
  • FlameGuard Cartridge Filter
  • Cyclone Separator
  • Steel Dust Bin
  • Bin Level Indicator
  • Remote Control
  • Hardware
  • Freestanding Leg Kit
  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • Weight: 150.00 LBS
Motor TypeU.S. Motor
Motor Service Factor1.15
Recommended Breaker Size30A
Amperage (Typical)15-17.5A
Phase (Pre-Wired)1-Phase
Power ConnectorBare Wiring, Two Hot & Ground
Power Cord Length7 feet
Impeller TypeSingle-piece, backward inclined, non-sparking/non-ferrous
Impeller Size15" Dia.
Real CFM Rating1,030 CFM at 2" W.C.
Maximum Suction21" W.C.
Noise Level77 dBA at 10 ft
Filter TypeHEPA Grade ePTFE Media
Filtration EfficiencyE12 Minimum Efficiency Rating
MERV RatingMERV 16 ±
Total Filtration Area95 sq ft
Waste Capacity35 Gallons, 55 Gallons
Remote ControlIncluded
Primary Build MaterialsCold Rolled Steel
WeldingSeam Welded
Static Resistance RatingConductive (Metal)
Inlet Size6" Dia.
Outlet SizeSquare ID: 7-3/8"(W) x 6-3/8"(H)
Discharge Size9" Dia.
Height (35 Gal.)84"
Height (55 Gal.)96"
Height to Center of Inlet (35 Gal.)58"
Height to Center of Inlet (55 Gal.)70"
  • Weight: 150.00 LBS

Oneida XXVS300035 V-System 3000 SMART BOOST 3HP 230V 35 Gal. HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector


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