Jessem 02120 Mast-R-Lift II

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Introducing the Mast-R-Lift II: Your Precision Workshop Companion

Unleash the full potential of your woodworking skills with the Mast-R-Lift II. Immerse yourself in the world of woodworking where meticulous attention to detail defines excellence. This lift boasts durability and dependability, helping you achieve the height of your craft and enhancing your woodworking experience for years to come.

Key Features:

Double Sealed Ball Bearings:

  • Experience super-smooth rotation and unmatched durability, even when handling the heaviest routers.
  • Double sealed ball bearings ensure a lifetime of use without compromising performance.

Patented Tension Feature:

  • Eliminate backlash and maintain absolute precision in your routing tasks with our patented tension feature.

Built-In Locking Mechanism:

  • Enjoy hassle-free heavy-duty, long-term routing operations with the built-in locking mechanism.
  • Easily accessible from above the table, this feature simplifies height adjustments using the same handle.

Universal Compatibility:

  • The Mast-R-Lift II accommodates a wide range of fixed base routers, thanks to its unique adjustable clamping block system.
  • Check our list of compatible routers to find your perfect fit.

Hard Anodized Top Plate:

  • The top plate of the Mast-R-Lift II undergoes a premium hard anodizing process, ensuring a thick, abrasion-resistant coating.
  • This engineered surface treatment outperforms standard sulphuric anodizing, providing long-lasting quality.

Hydraulic Shaft Mounting:

  • Our lift shafts are hydraulically pressed into a larger diameter mount, enhancing rigidity and durability.
  • This design spreads lateral loads, making the lift capable of withstanding the toughest routing operations.

Convenient Bit Changes:

  • Bid farewell to cumbersome wrenches. All bit changes can be performed effortlessly from above the table, saving you time and frustration.

Canadian Craftsmanship:

  • Every component of the Mast-R-Lift II is precision CNC machined in Canadian Facility
  • Non-wearing components are anodized for enhanced appearance, corrosion resistance, and added wear resistance.

Router Bit Opening & Tab-Loc Insert Rings:

  • Plate opening is 3-1/2".
  • Various sized insert rings are provided to accommodate differing bit sizes.

Crank Handle Precision:

  • One full revolution of the crank handle equals 1/16" of adjustment.

Snugger Buttons:

  • Built-in Snugger Buttons ensure a perfect fit in your table opening.

Top Plate Dimensions:

  • 9 1/4" × 11 3/4" x 3/8” (02120)

Experience the ultimate in precision and convenience with the Mast-R-Lift II, a versatile router lift that will elevate your woodworking projects to new heights. Invest in quality, precision, and performance today.

WARNING - Cancer and reproductive harm. For more information please click: JessEm Prop65 Warnings or


Mast-R-Lift II

3 - Insert Rings (1-3/8", 2" and 2-1/2")

1 - Insert Wrench

1 - Crank Handle

10 - Stainless steel set screws with Blue Nylok Patch

4 - Mounting Screws

Comp. Routers (Imperial)
      • JessEm Pow-R-Tek SR (4.2" Motor Dia.)
      • Porter Cable7518 (4.2" Motor Dia.)
      • Bora Router - (4.2" Motor Dia.)
      • Woodpecker Spin-Rite - (4.2" Motor Dia.)
      • Triton 3.25 - (4.2" Motor Dia.)
      • Porter Cable690/890 (3.5" Motor Dia.)
      • Bosch1617/1618 (3.5" Motor Dia.)
      • DeWalt610/618/616 (3.5" Motor Dia.)
      • Makita1101 (3.218" Motor Dia.)
      • HitachiM12VC & KM12VC (3.267" Motor Dia.)
      • Milwaukee5625 (4.143" Motor Dia.)
      • Milwaukee5615/5616/5619 (3.32" Motor Dia.)
      • Craftsman17543/17540/28190 (3.5" Motor Dia.)
      • RigidR29302 (3.625" Motor Dia.)
Comp. Routers (Metric)
      • JessEm Pow-R-Tek SR (4.2" Motor Dia.)
      • AUK V3 - (4.2" Motor Dia.)
      • AEG 1400KE (3.625" Motor Dia.)
      • RigidR29302 (3.625" Motor Dia.)
      • Porter Cable 690/890 (3.5" Motor Dia.)
      • Bosch 1617/1618 (3.5" Motor Dia.)
      • DeWalt 610/618/616 (3.5" Motor Dia.)
      • Makita 1101 (3.218" Motor Dia.)
      • Hitachi M12VC & KM12VC (3.267" Motor Dia.)
      • Craftsman 17543/17540/28190 (3.5" Motor Dia.)
  • Weight: 14.00 LBS
  • Width: 10.50 (in)
  • Height: 12.00 (in)
  • Depth: 13.50 (in)
  • Weight: 14.00 LBS
  • Width: 10.50 (in)
  • Height: 12.00 (in)
  • Depth: 13.50 (in)

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