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TSO Products 61-519 GRS-16 PE Parallel Edge Guide Rail Square

Part Number: TSO61-519


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GRS-16 PE v2: Parallel Edge Guide Rail Square
The Original, Patented Guide Rail Square for FESTOOL®, MILWAUKEE®, MAKITA®, POWERTEC® & TRITON® Track Saws

Introducing the newest version of the best-selling guide rail square on the market: the GRS-16 PE v2. Designed to make it much faster to achieve dead square cuts with your track saw, the GRS-16 PE v2 improves upon the GRS-16 by adding a second "parallel edge" to permit squaring against the front and back of your workpiece.

Thanks to feedback from the TSO user community, we've continued to refine our original guide rail square design. What makes the GRS-16 PE v2 the best tool of its kind?

  • NEW! Rapid attachment feature: simply insert the square at any point along the guide rail and clamp it in place—no need to slide it into the guide rail from one of the ends or remove hose deflectors, clamps, or other accessories occupying the guide rail T-slot
  • NEW! A shallow undercut along the square's mating edge makes it less sensitive to minor dings and debris along the outer edge of the guide rail
  • NEW! Now compatible with Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ 6-½" Plunge Track Saw guide rails.
    Single-piece design that self-squares to 90° with no adjustments needed (and therefore, no points of failure in the future)
  • Lighter than its predecessor despite being CNC machined from 25% thicker aluminum, with a mating vertical edge that now perfectly matches the height of your guide rail extrusion for maximum support and engagement
  • Draw latch hook now features a resilient coating to grasp your guide rail and protect it from marring
  • Notches in both reference edges accommodate popular clamps like the Festool Screw Clamp (489570) and Quick Clamp (FS-HZ 160)
  • Threaded M6 accessory mounting holes enable connection to the TSO Parallel Guide System and Angle Accessory
  • Two squares fit in a Systainer—see our Systainer Foam Insert and limited edition TSO Blue Systainer3 M 112
  • New, fully recyclable all-corrugated white packaging

Simple, Automatic Accuracy

Before the GRS-16, methods for squaring a track saw relied on the loose-tolerance T-slot found in every guide rail. To overcome this inherent inaccuracy, woodworkers relied on a separate reference square, plus a combination of loose parts like T-bars, hex bolts, and knobs. These shop-made solutions would often quickly fall out of square, requiring constant vigilance and recalibration to maintain accuracy.

The patented GRS-16 PE solves this problem with a simple one-piece design that self-squares as it attaches to the guide rail. Once the powerful draw latch is engaged, the GRS-16 PE becomes a rigid extension of your guide rail, providing two precise 90° reference edges that won’t fall out of square over time. Despite its high clamping strength, a comfort coating on the latch handle makes it easy to generate the leverage necessary to engage, release or reposition the square along your length of track.

A System Approach

The GRS-16 PE is much more than a guide rail square; it's the foundation of a broader system of TSO Products designed for interoperability. In fact, the GRS-16 PE serves as a connection method for the TSO Parallel Guide System. Once connected, you can repeatedly square and parallel rip multiple workpieces.

Festool MFT/3 Compatibility

Did you know the GRS-16 PE can be connected directly to your MFT/3 guide rail hinge bracket? The time-consuming re-squaring process of the MFT guide rail is now a thing of the past. Rail squareness is now assured, unaffected by varying material thickness and rail height adjustment. The inspiration for this improvement came from customer Simon H., a Festool MFT/3 user in the UK. We listened and took action. Thank you, Simon!

We engineered this feature to keep the kerf line in exactly the same location as your standard MFT/3. You can quickly change back to the original MFT/3 arrangement any time.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.0 x 1.4 inches (386 x 152 x 36 mm) - click here for dimension drawing
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs (862 g)
  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum, anodized, 5/8 in (15 mm) thick
  • Compatible Guide Rails: Fits FESTOOL, MILWAUKEE, MAKITA, POWERTEC and TRITON. Not compatible with FESTOOL HK 55 Carpentry Saws including the FSK 250, FSK 420 and FSK 670. Not compatible with BOSCH or DEWALT tracks.
  • For KREG compatibility, see separate GRS-16 PE K model.
  • Clamping Mechanism: Over center draw latch (304 stainless steel) with compensating spring; secured with M4x0.7-10 stainless steel socket head screws
  • Accessory Mounting Holes: Tapped for M6 threads for compatibility with TSO Parallel Guide System and Angle Accessory
  • Weight: 1.90 LBS
  • Weight: 1.90 LBS

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